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  • Non-profit organization advertising (drum and bugle corps, show sponsors, winter color guards, marching bands, indoor percussion lines and circuits)
  • The “CorpStore” (quarter-page — 8 1/2" wide x 2 1/4" high — advertising for non-profit organizations that appears in the November through May issues)

Full-page or half-page, full-color display advertising space is priced at very reasonable rates. A 12-issue schedule can be effective in keeping your brand, contact information and message in front of people on a consistent basis all year long who purchase equipment and services. Of course, we can also price shorter-term schedules for both half- and full-page display space.

Drum Corps World reaches subscribers in the United States, four Canadian Provinces and 17 foreign countries (United Kingdom, The Netherlands. Belgium, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, China, the Philippines, Central and South America). There is no charge for subscriptions.

Drum Corps World is supported almost entirely by advertisers that believe in the drum corps activity and in our 44-year history of promoting the movement worldwide. Addition revenue is derived from our offerings of history books and historic DVDs and CDs.

We currently send notification of each issue's availability to more than 30,000 plus e-mail addresses, well over half of which are music educators. In addition, our Facebook page currently has been "liked" by more than 63,000 people around the world and when each issue is announced there with a direct link for those who are not on the regular notification list.

The magazine — issues ranging from 50 to 110 pages — is released on the Internet monthly, plus five additional weekly issues during the summer — 17 issues total. The five summer issues have only two exclusive advertisements, while the monthly magazines have ALL advertisers.

The directors of EVERY World and Open Class junior corps, Open and Class A all-age/senior and alumni corps in North America receives copies year-round, as well as high school and college music educators, marching band, winter guard and indoor percussion directors, instructors, designers and caption heads, participating young people and adults, and parents, family, former members and fans of the worldwide drum and bugle corps activity.

In order to maximize exposure to the key decision-makers who purchase products and services, we recommend five specific issues we feel are important to reach the readership available through our on-line magazine at important times during the year . . .

  • April (our anniversary edition)
  • May (pre-season issue)
  • August (pre-DCI Championship)
  • September (post-DCI and post-DCA Championship)
  • November (planning for the new season)

Here is a list of the advertisers that currently advertise on a 12-issue basis . . .

  • Andalucia Musical Instruments
  • A Wish Come True
  • Band Shoppe
  • CrownStore
  • ChopSaver
  • DeMoulin Bros. Uniforms
  • Dinkles / Upfront Footwear
  • Director's Showcase
  • Drillmasters Marching Shoes
  • Drum Corps Associates
  • Drum Corps International
  • FJM, Inc.
  • Jarvis Industries
  • Jupiter/Mapex/Quantum
  • Kanstul Musical Instruments
  • Key Poulan Music
  • Pearl Corporation
  • Salyers Percussion
  • Stanbury Uniforms
  • TAMA Percussion
  • United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps
  • Xtreme Brass and Percussion
  • Yamaha Corporation of America
  • Vater Percussion
  • We Scan Files

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Jeff Collins, director of corporate development, at 916-200-8151, after 9:00 AM Pacific Time weekdays or weekends

Steve or Jeff would be pleased to provide a special advertising proposal for display space in Drum Corps World and/or advertising banners on the Drum Corps World Web site. Please also keep in mind that display advertisements and Web site banners can be changed at any time during the year with no additional cost if you would like to update your message and the look of your advertisement periodically.

Thanks for your interest in Drum Corps World.

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About the publication

Drum Corps World was established in October 1971 at the annual American Legion Uniformed Groups Congress in Indianapolis, IN. It was at this meeting that the establishment of Drum Corps International was announced. It has covered the drum and bugle corps activity almost continuously (there was a short great in early 1974), since that time. It originally was a tabloid newspaper, then became a magazine when Steve Vickers purchased it in July 1974, returning to the tabloid newspaper format in January 1978. The transition to the Internet took place in May 2011.

To view any of the past issues, go to, click on the cover of the most recent issue that appears on the righthand side of the front page. The next window will ask you to either put in an already-registered e-mail address or, if you aren't already on our e-mail list, click on "registration page" to be added. You'll need to supply the e-mail address where you would like notifications of each issue being released to be sent and, in the pulldown menu, select the country where you live.

By hitting "submit," you'll be registered and the next window will give you the option of viewing the issues on your computer or on a mobile device like an iPad. This is where you can view the most recent edition. On the far right is a pulldown menu listing all the magazines that have been posted since we went onto the Internet in May 2011.

Please call Steve Vickers at 608-249-2590 (cell) any time if you have questions.