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1950 – 1959
1960 – 1964
1965 – 1969
1970 – 1974
1975 – 1980

These CDs are made up one at a time. Please allow up to six weeks for delivery. Your check was deposited or your credit card was charged when the order was received so that the process could begin.

Drum Corps World has made special arrangements with the estate of Alf Wateska to make the following recordings available. Wateska and Stetson D. Richmond often recorded as a team at shows up and down the East coast during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, or traded recordings of events they recorded individually. Most of the material represented here has not been available for 30 years or more. This collection will be expanded periodically. Each compact disc is produced one at a time when orders are received. Recording engineer Ken Mason has meticulously transferred all of the reel-to-reel material to digital computer files and he has also done some restoration to ensure that the best possibily quality of sound is presented among these recordings.