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1967 American Legion/CYO Nationals DVD

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A rare find in drum corps history!

A four-DVD set of 18 performances from the 1967 season.

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PLEASE NOTE: This material was originally recorded by Mike Rounds for the Velvet Knights as an educational tool to be used by the members prior to their traveling outside California the following season. He used a Sony beta, reel-to-reel machine, restoring and preserving the 39-year-old masters to DVD format in 2005. The original reel-to-reel videotapes lost some quality over the last 39 years, so portions of the material contained on these discs is not great, but it is all we have. We hope you understand that it is better than not having these performances at all. The American Legion tapes are in better condition than the CYO Nationals tapes.

1967 American Legion Nationals
Boston, MA - August 27, 1967 Senior corps finals

81.983 - Connecticut Hurricanes, Derby, CT
80.333 - Hawthorne Caballeros, Hawthorne, NJ
76.500 - Grey Knight Crusaders, Rochester, NY
75.500 - Syracuse Brigadiers, Syracuse, NY

Junior corps finals
83.433 - Chicago Cavaliers, Chicago, IL
83.000 - Boston Crusaders, Boston, MA
79.800 - Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights, Newark, NJ
79.716 - St. Joseph’s of Batavia, Batavia, NY
77.983 - St. Lucy’s Cadets, Newark, NJ
77.633 - St. Mary’s Cardinals, Beverly, MA
75.733 - St. Kevin’s Emerald Knights, Dorchester, MA

1967 CYO Nationals
Boston, MA - August 29, 1967
81.63 - 4th - Garfield Cadets, Garfield, NJ
80.86 - 5th - Chicago Royal Airs, Chicago, IL
77.78 - 7th - Blue Rock, Wilmington, DE
74.80 - 10th - Toronto Optimists, Toronto, ONT
74.68 - 11th - Muchachos, Hawthorne, NJ
74.23 - 12th - I.C. Reveries, Revere, MA
71.68 - 13th - Bridgeport PAL Cadets, Bridgeport, CT

CTVideo of the Boston Crusaders (1st, 88.080); Chicago Cavaliers (2nd, 84.830); Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights (3rd, 84.760); St. Lucy’s Cadets (6th, 78.500); St. Joseph’s of Batavia (8th, 76.810); and St. Kevin’s Emerald Knights (9th, 75.160) is unavailable from this competition.

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1968 Fantasy in Brass CD

Civic Opera House • Chicago, Illinois Presented by Drum Corps Digest magazine Featuring audio performances by these great corps: * Chicago Cavaliers, Chicago, IL
* Des Plaines Vanguard, Des Plaines, IL
* Nisei Ambassadors, Chicago, IL
* Imperials of St. Patrick, Milwaukee, WI
* Maple City Cadets, LaPorte, IN
* Vacationland Sweethearts, Port Clinton, OH
* Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Queensmen, Kenosha, WI
* First Midwest appearance of the Velvet Knights, Buena Park, CA

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1971 VFW Nationals “Million Dollar Pageant of Drums” DVD

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Sights & Sounds, Inc. is pleased to bring you the performances of the 12 finalists from the 1971 VFW Nationals "Million Dollar Pageant of Drums" at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX.

This DVD set includes:
Santa Clara Vanguard, Santa Clara, CA
Troopers, Casper, WY
27th Lancers, Revere, MA
Blue Rock, Wilmington, DE
Anaheim Kingsmen, Anaheim, CA
Argonne Rebels, Great Bend, KS
Garfield Cadets, Garfield, NJ
Boston Crusaders, Boston, MA
First Federal Blue Stars, La Crosse, WI
Madison Scouts, Madison, WI
St. Paul Scouts, St. Paul, MN
Belleville Black Knights, Belleville, IL

Please note: the condition of the master tapes is not great because 37 years have passed, but these performances are very watchable and the sound quality is good. For this reason, this set of DVDs is priced below the other sets of discs we have released of the 1967 American Legion and CYO Nationals, and the 1972 Drum Corps International Championships. This material was originally videotaped by Mike Rounds for the Velvet Knights as a training tool. Mr. Rounds has spent a great deal of time restoring the footage to the best condition possible and the result is shows not seen in three and a half decades!

Please allow up to six weeks for delivery. These sets are made up one at a time.

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1972 Drum Corps International Championships DVD

* Through a special arrangement with the Troopers -- and with the permission of Drum Corps International -- we are pleased to bring you performances of eight of the 12 finalists from the 1972 DCI title evening in Whitewater, WI, and a performance of the Troopers from the 1971 World Open in Lynn, MA, plus a short documentary on how these tapes have been restored. The original reel-to-reel videotapes were filmed by Troopers Director Jim Jones, in part as a teaching tool for his members. These tapes have been in storage since the 1970s and have now been tranferred and restored by Scott Gordon, a drum corps fan and video/film technician from California. The total collection includes material between the 1970 and 1978 seasons, including performances that no one has seen in decades.

* The picture and sound qualtiy of these nine performances is excellent.

* Please allow up to six weeks for delivery. These sets are made up one at a time.

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1972 DCI Championships $14.00 shipping/handling $114.00 to a foreign address

This two-DVD set of nine performances from the 1972 Drum Corps International Championships has not been seen in nearly 37 years and never before available to the public. The original reel-to-reel Sony videotapes have been preserved and remastered to produce this unique rememberance of a great season in junior corps history at one of the greatest shows that summer.

Here is what the two discs include . . .

Full black and white performances of the following corps:
* Anaheim Kingsmen -- Anaheim, CA -- The 1972 DCI Champion
* First Federal Blue Stars -- La Crosse, WI -- Second place
* Santa Clara Vanguard -- Santa Clara, CA -- Third place
* 27th Lancers -- Revere, MA -- Fourth place
* Argonne Rebels -- Great Bend, KS -- Fifth place
* Kilties -- Racine, WI -- Eighth place
* St. Andrew’s Bridgemen -- Bayonne, NJ -- Eleventh place
* Bleu Raeders -- New Orleans, LA -- Twelfth place
* Plus a bonus track of the 1971 Troopers at the World Open
* A short documentary titled “Preparing and Restoring the Troopers Historic Video Library"

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1974 Review of the Corps DVD

A DCA competition from 1974 filmed by the Troopers’ Jim Jones and available for the first time!  Featuring performances by the Hawthorne Caballeros,  Reading Buccaneers, New York Skyliners, Yankee Rebels, Connecticut Hurricanes, Westshoremen.  The Troopers benefit from the sale of this DVD release.

Restored and engineered by Scott Gordon from the original Sony half-inch EIAJ reel-to-reel videotapes with the permission of the Troopers.

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1974/1975/1976 DCI Highlights DVD

1974 Stockton Commodores
Videotaped at "Drums Along the Rockies"

1975 Casper Troopers
Videotaped at the "Hershey Invitational" *

1975 Hawthorne Muchachos
Videotaped at the "Hershey Invitational" *

1976 Santa Clara Vanguard
Videotaped at "Drums Along the Rockies"

1976 27th Lancers
Videotaped at "Drums Along the Rockies"

1976 Troopers
Videotaped at "Drums Along the Rockies"

This is the only performance of the Troopers from the 1976 season, since they did not make finals.

* The "Hershey Invitational" was held on Sunday, August 22, the day after DCI Finals in Philadelphia where the Muchachos were disqualified prior to the finals

Please allow up to six weeks for delivery

This is the third in a series of releases derived from the personal collection of Troopers Founder/Director Jim Jones who videotaped all of these shows for educational use by his members. The black and white footage has been restored by Scott Gordon and is available exclusively from Drum Corps World. The Troopers and DCI benefit from the sale of each copy. The two previously-released titles include: "1972 DCI Championships" in Whitewater, WI, and "1974 DCA Review of the Corps" in Carlisle, PA, also listed in this section.

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When Drum Corps Was Really Drum Corps DVD Set

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About this DVD and videotape footage from Sharper Video Productions . . .

This DVD set was produced by Larry McCormick, a former member and instructor of the Chicago Cavaliers through his company, Sharper Video Productions. It contains interviews with Cavaliers drum majors, directors and instructors, plus archival footage of some of the Cavaliers' competitive rivals during the 1960s. The remastered DVD contains basically the same material as the six-volume videotape set that was originally released in 1998, although reorganized into 10 chapters instead of the six volumes.

• Chapter 1 -- “Birth of a Champion” (1948-1955) -- How drum and bugle corps got started in Scouting and the veterans groups through the eyes of the Cavaliers organization, with cameo performances of great corps from the 1950s like the Cavaliers, Austin Grenadiers, Norwood Park Imperials and Belleville Black Knights.
• Chapter 2 -- “The Glory Years” (1956-mid-1960s) -- The Midwest, led by the Cavaliers, soar toward winning the coveted VFW National Championship, plus Garfield Cadets. Cavies reveal the origin of the “splooie” cheer, initiation ceremonies and the 1961 undefeated season.
• Chapter 3 -- “Blazing the Path to DCI” (mid-1960s-1972) -- Looking deeper into the politics of the movement and the shaping and future forming of the DCI organization, the 1967 titles and the Troopers, Boston Crusaders, CSJA Judges group, 1965 Chicago Royal Airs and the legendary 1971 Cavaliers’ circus show.
• Chapter 4 -- Rare vintage performances (1960s).
• Chapter 5 -- Chicago Royal Airs, Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights, Boston Crusaders and the Cavaliers -- a collection of rare and classic black and white archive videos from private collections with spectacular moments in drum corps history, most from the national championships.
• Chapter 6 -- The Cavaliers’ Japan tour.
• Chapter 7 -- Drummer’s reunion.
• Chapter 8 -- Color guard championship performances.
• Chapter 9 -- The United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps.
• Chapter 10 -- “America” -- Under the direction of Colonel Truman Crawford who played a major part in the history of drum corps. You’ll hear “The Commandant’s Own” play a tribute at Crawford’s retirement ceremony.
A review by Michael Boo that originally appeared in Drum Corps World 10 years ago follows . . .

"When Drum Corps Was Really Drum Corps"

by Michael Boo, DCW staff
I have just witnessed the most incredible drum corps video experience of my life. On Sunday, December 6, 1998, Larry McCormick, Drum Corps International Hall of Fame member and president of Sharper Video Productions, Inc., invited a few dozen friends and drum corps acquaintances to witness 2 1/2 hours of his most recent labor of love, “When Drum Corps Was Really Drum Corps,” a 50-year history of the junior drum and bugle corps movement in America.

This big-screen presentation covered the four-hour video collectors series. It truly left the viewer yearning for more. Larry is no stranger to drum corps. He marched in the Cavaliers during the 1950s playing in the drum line. He then became an esteemed instructor of the corps from 1962 through 1971.

Not content with the restrictive instrumentation of the day, he began to design new percussion equipment (remember the flapjacks, the predecessors to marching timpani?). He then went into show designing and is credited with the introduction of the “total show” concept (his shows were often far ahead of their time, such as the 1971 shows for Cavaliers (circus) and the Madison Scouts (“Alice in Wonderland”).

In homage to the Cavaliers’ 50th Anniversary, Larry decided to create a comprehensive history of the corps and the entire activity. The two years of hard work he put into the project is well-reflected in the remarkable production values of the finished product. I think it’s safe to say that there has never been a better produced video series in the activity.

Make no mistake, this is far more than just a video history of one corps. The series explores the evolution of the entire drum corps activity up to the events that led to the formation of DCI.

The program includes many historical videos of corps from the past, color guard championship shows and even a rare performance of the U.S. Marine Drum Corps under the direction of Colonel Truman Crawford at his retirement ceremony in Washington D.C.

While the title of this series alone might cause some people to flinch, whether or not it’s a sly and wry commentary on today’s activity is something only Larry knows. But to anyone who remembers the “early days” or is intrigued by the past, this series pulls no punches in presenting the aura of drum corps back “when” that can’t help but give one goosebumps during a viewing.

The series starts with an historic post-World War II prologue, explaining why the country was ripe for the explosion of drum corps that was to soon follow. A large number of non-drum corps historical film clips went into the production of this part of the series.

There is much film of early competitors that was dug up from the vaults of many old-time corps fans. I had heard of several of these units, but had little idea what they were like.

Through interviews and reflections, the historic rivalries are relived and brought back to life. The famous Midwest vs. East brawl with St. Vincent’s after the VFW Nationals in 1957 is explored, including the participation of two senior corps of supposedly “responsible” adults.

Several laughs were heard throughout the room as Don Warren, founder and still president of the corps, shared his memories about why he created the corps out of the Boy Scout troop of which he was scoutmaster and how he himself was only a couple of years older than the oldest members.

The great Cavaliers hall fire of 1967 is explained, a tragedy that claimed most of the corps’ history and much of its equipment, just prior to the corps moving forward in the same season to win both the VFW and American Legion Nationals.

For the curious, an explanation of the origins of the corps’ “splooie” is, well . . . never mind.

Interviews conducted with adults of today who were members in those earlier years are quite touching. You can see clearly just how the corps and the activity affected them and changed their lives forever.

Don Warren explains how the Combine of 1971 was formed due to bad judging at the VFW and American Legion Nationals and how that, in turn, directly led to the creation of DCI.

Plus, 1971 was the year of the aforementioned “total concept” theme shows, complete with costumes. Former Madison Scouts Director Bill Howard is interviewed as he remembered how the head of the VFW Nationals proclaimed there would be no costumes, or much of any other innovations, and that (along with the judging) pretty much persuaded a handful of influential directors to form DCI.

Howard goes on to explain why the corps felt they needed to control their own destiny. But the video series doesn’t preach or get in the way of the story. It allows the activity to tell its own story and there isn’t a dull moment.

The entire drum corps world is covered as it is viewed through the eyes of the Cavalier organization. But true “corps” fans will enjoy this viewing experience as much as those who are connected to “The Green Machine.”

As a history lesson, “When Drum Corps Was Really Drum Corps” hits a home run. As pure entertainment, it hits a grand slam. It would make a perfect gift for any drum corps fan.

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1970 -1971 Junior Corps Highlights

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Troopers 1970 (NFL Denver Broncos halftime - Denver, CO)
Kilties 1970
Troopers 1970 (World Open - Lynn, MD)
27th Lancers 1970  (VFW Nationals - Miami Beach, FL)
Argonne Rebels 1970 (VFW Nationals - Miami Beach, FL)
First Federal Blue Stars 1971 (Mississippi Rhapsody - La Crosse, WI)
Retreat 1971 (Drums Along the Rockies - Denver, CO)
Troopers 1971 (Danny Thomas Invitational - Lawrence, MA)
First Federal Blue Stars 1971 (Mississippi Rhapsody - La Crosse, WI)
Troopers 1971
Retreat 1971 (Drums on Parade - Madison, WI)
Documentary (About These Discs - Scott Gordon)


Madison Scouts 1971 (Mississippi Rhapsody - La Crosse, WI)
Santa Clara Vanguard 1971 (Mississippi Rhapsody - La Crosse, WI)
Blue Rock 1971 (VFW Nationals - Dallas, TX)
Troopers 1971 (Dallas, TX)
Santa Clara Vanguard 1971 (VFW Nationals - Dallas, TX)
27th Lancers 1971 (VFW Nationals - Dallas, TX)
Troopers 1971 (World Open - Lynn, MA)
Santa Clara Vanguard 1971 (World Open - Lynn, MA)

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1973 Drum Corps International Championship

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This long-awaited DVD set has 10 of the 12 finalists full performances from DCI's second championship in Whitewater, WI.  One additional corps has only a short clip (Argonne Rebels' exit) and, unfortunately, the Belleville Black Knights' footage was taped over many years ago so it is not included.  This release comes from the archives of the Troopers and Blue Stars, both of which receive a portion of each sale along with DCI.  These shows have been restored from the original reel-to-reel videotapes by Scott Gordon who has also prepared six other DVDs we previously released over the last five years.

You'll get to relive -- or see for the first time -- iconic productions from the following corps -- Santa Clara Vanguard, Troopers, First Federal Blue Stars, Madison Scouts, Kilties, Anaheim Kingsmen, 27th Lancers, Muchachos, St. Andrew's Bridgemen and Stockton Commodores, plus the final 1:04 of the Argonne Rebels playing Stars and Stripes Forever.  There is also a 12:28 documentary prepared by Scott Gordon that details how these tapes were saved, restored and brought to life through a series of computer processes.  And top top off the set of shows, we've also included the 23:12 retreat ceremony and announcement of scores, with the Pasco, WA, Columbians playing all the finalist corps onto the field.

Available as a two-disc set of compact discs

Click HERE to download an order blank to be mailed to our office.

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