New photos posted (above), Facebook page viewers “exploding”

Check out the new selection of worldwide corps that have recently been updated in the box in the masthead. Last year there were about 110 different groups represented, this year the number has grown to 164 — DCI, DCA, alumni, mini-corps and foreign corps in the United States, Canada, Europe and Malaysia. Our worldwide staff of two dozen photographers were along the sidelines at more than six dozen shows and we’ve selected a great shot of every corps we could find from the 2013 season. The images are rotating in random order, so take some time to view the full archive. Some of the photos come up more often than others, but all 164 are in the collection. Let us know what you think.

And if you’ve never visited our Facebook page, see what’s offered there! Staff member Dave Scott took over managing the site in 2012 from Mike Ferlazzo who set it up in 2009. Every week day Dave posts a new photo (Monday is a DCI corps, Tuesday is a DCA corps, Wednesday is a foreign corps, Thursday is an alumni or mini-corps and Friday is a historic photo) and a “Did you know?” from staff member Brian Tolzmann. Back in September 2013, we reached 10,000, the number of people who follow the content on a regular basis. On April 5, 2014 — just a month ago — we hit 30,000 and now, a month later, we’re about to cross the 34,000 level. Dave also pulls in links to lots of current news from around the drum corps world, links to rehearsal videos and a variety of other content. If you enjoy what you see, “like” the individual image or piece of historic information, then “like” the Drum Corps World Facebook page so the number of viewers continues to expand.

Thanks to everyone who supports Drum Corps World as we go into our 43rd year, after celebrating the 42nd year when the April 2014 issue was released and I’m proud to report that, on July 1, 2014, I will reach the 40th anniversary of my purchasing the publication from the late Troopers founder/director Jim Jones, then-DCI publicity director Don Whiteley and Richard Wentland.

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Steve Vickers, Publisher, 05/04/14