1967 American Legion/CYO Nationals DVD

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A rare find in drum corps history!

A four-DVD set of 18 performances from the 1967 season.

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PLEASE NOTE: This material was originally recorded by Mike Rounds for the Velvet Knights as an educational tool to be used by the members prior to their traveling outside California the following season. He used a Sony beta, reel-to-reel machine, restoring and preserving the 39-year-old masters to DVD format in 2005. The original reel-to-reel videotapes lost some quality over the last 39 years, so portions of the material contained on these discs is not great, but it is all we have. We hope you understand that it is better than not having these performances at all. The American Legion tapes are in better condition than the CYO Nationals tapes.

1967 American Legion Nationals
Boston, MA - August 27, 1967 Senior corps finals

81.983 - Connecticut Hurricanes, Derby, CT
80.333 - Hawthorne Caballeros, Hawthorne, NJ
76.500 - Grey Knight Crusaders, Rochester, NY
75.500 - Syracuse Brigadiers, Syracuse, NY

Junior corps finals
83.433 - Chicago Cavaliers, Chicago, IL
83.000 - Boston Crusaders, Boston, MA
79.800 - Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights, Newark, NJ
79.716 - St. Joseph’s of Batavia, Batavia, NY
77.983 - St. Lucy’s Cadets, Newark, NJ
77.633 - St. Mary’s Cardinals, Beverly, MA
75.733 - St. Kevin’s Emerald Knights, Dorchester, MA

1967 CYO Nationals
Boston, MA - August 29, 1967
81.63 - 4th - Garfield Cadets, Garfield, NJ
80.86 - 5th - Chicago Royal Airs, Chicago, IL
77.78 - 7th - Blue Rock, Wilmington, DE
74.80 - 10th - Toronto Optimists, Toronto, ONT
74.68 - 11th - Muchachos, Hawthorne, NJ
74.23 - 12th - I.C. Reveries, Revere, MA
71.68 - 13th - Bridgeport PAL Cadets, Bridgeport, CT

CTVideo of the Boston Crusaders (1st, 88.080); Chicago Cavaliers (2nd, 84.830); Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights (3rd, 84.760); St. Lucy’s Cadets (6th, 78.500); St. Joseph’s of Batavia (8th, 76.810); and St. Kevin’s Emerald Knights (9th, 75.160) is unavailable from this competition.

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