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Over the 39 years between Drum Corps World’s first edition in October 1971 and the final printed issue in April 2011, a total of 766 issues were produced, totaling 15, 556 pages of material. That’s an average of 398 pages per year.

Since Drum Corps World went on-line May 1, the total number of pages produced in five interactive monthly issues (May, June, July, August and September) and seven e-mail PDF blasts (June 22, July 8, July 15, July 22, August 5 and August 22) totals 552.

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And don’t forget all the historic CDs (208 titles dated from 1950 to 1980, representing more than 500 different junior and senior corps), DVDs (1967, 1971, 1972, 1974, 1975, 1976) and five books (1,800 pages, more than 6,000 photographs) for sale on our Web site. If you want to know where the activity came from and what’s been happening over the last 90 years, check out the content on our Web site – www.drumcorpsworld.com.

We also have an active Facebook page that has interesting and timely material added daily by staff members Dave Scott and Mike Ferlazzo, including a photo-of-the-day (Monday is a DCI corps, Tuesday is a DCA corps, Wednesday is a foreign corps, Thursday is an alumni or mini-corps and Friday is a corps from history) and a “Did you know?”-of-the-day by Brian Tolzmann, plus current news links to the latest details about all the junior, all-age, alumni and foreign corps. Head over to www.facebook/.com/drumcorpsworld to check it out!