Mandarins, Renegades win divisions at Firebird Classic

Blue Devils C (Concord, CA)
Photo by Francesca Colombini

by Mannie Cabarloc, DCW staff

The sun has risen and a new day is upon us. The First Annual “Firebird Classic” was hosted at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale. Band director Joe Kelly was very excited about having a show at his school. Kelly, an alumnus of Santa Clara, is one of the many band teachers that are behind supporting drum corps in the Bay Area.

As he explained, “Adding another show to the season will only strengthen the cause that we all are trying to promote, plus it allows members to get one more performance under their belts.”

First to perform was the Blue Devil C corps. For most people in the stands, BDC would be their first drum corps experience. What a better way to view drum corps first hand than watching an eight-year old playing an oversized bass drum? Their show titled “Spy Corps, Double 02 — Nobody Does It Better” was filled with all familiar tunes from spy movies and television shows. It was a great way to start the evening. As they played, many remarked the large trophy that was standing in their pit, the “Seven Award” which they won the night before in Cupertino for being the most entertaining corps of the night. Being held by a member of the corps, it was twice her size and it was a sight to see. At the end of the show the faces and expressions of those kids on that field showed the true spirit of drum corps.

Blue Devil B was first to perform in division II for the night…