Blue Devils (Concord, CA)
Photo by Francesca Colombini

by Dr. Michael N. Wetzel, DCW staff

June 22, 2002 — Orlando, FL . . . The Cavaliers continued their winning ways with a convincing win over The Cadets and the Blue Devils. The Cavies not only won by nearly three points, but they also managed to win every caption and every sub-caption, scoring an 81.3. The show is incredible in the complexity of drill matched by some great shading and textures in the horn book. The brass was probably the best this writer has ever heard from the Cavies. The show is all original music and continues the tradition of last year. The corps uses body posturing many times and a drill that forms a box, along with a shuffle that reminded me of the Bridgemen. The show was extremely entertaining and fun.

Jeff Fiedler, corps director, said the corps performed the way the show was designed. The show is designed for a championship venue and this was the first show this year in a venue like this. A major reason for the corps’ strong start this year is the number of returning veterans: 75 of them have marched a previous season, and 50 have marched two or more years.

The Cadets scored a 78.40 to garner second place in their first performance of the year. The Cadets finished second in every caption with the exception of brass, and they were only a tenth behind the Blue Devils in brass. The show features…