Caballeros win first DCA show of season

Jersey Surf (Berlin, NJ)
Photo by Dan Scafidi

by Jack Gerster, DCW staff

June 22, 2002 — Waterbury, CT . . . The Hawthorne Caballeros hit the field running, easily out-distancing their nearest competitor by 3.2 points at the first DCA event of the 2002 season.   The Cabs are performing what potentially could be one of their most popular productions ever. They swept all but one caption, taking first place with a score of 69.95. The Cabs were followed by the vastly improved Connecticut Hurricanes, who scored 66.75, and the pyrotechnical Bushwhackers, who took third place with a score of 66.20. The junior corps portion of the show featured Jersey Surf in first place and Phoenix in second place.

The Caballeros are performing a revival of the1975 Hawthorne Muchachos’ show. The musical arrangements were recreated and updated by legendary Muchachos’ soloist Jeff Kievet, who performed the show in 1975.

According to Cabs horn tech Rich Warga, there are actually five or six people with the Caballeros now who were with the Muchachos in 1975. This includes the Cabs’ general manager, Frank Gerris, who was the drill designer and instructor for the 1975 Muchachos…