Age-out season causes nerves, excitement

by Jessica Alexander, special to DCW

This is part one in a series of three articles Jessica Alexander will be writing this summer about her age-out season with Southwind.

In a few very short days, I will be performing my ‘last-first’ show of my junior drum corps career. I am not sure whether I should be more nervous or excited. I know I am nervous because I feel I am not ready! How does one truly feel ready for that first performance? I am quite sure anyone who has ever marched can quickly remember the uneasiness they had at their first show. Will I play and perform my part perfectly? What if I forget my sets? I hope I don’t drop my mallet/drumstick/flag, etc.

At the same time, I am truly excited because I have reached a point in my drum corps journey that I thought I would never reach — my final season. Although I have only marched one other season with a different corps, I had not seriously planned on marching my final year. I felt that my experience last year was so ‘perfect’ in that I accomplished a lot of the personal goals I had set for myself. The corps I was with was also very successful in accomplishing its goals.

But I think there is a place in each person that tells him or her to continue to push forward in life and strive for greater knowledge…