Americanos’ home show kicks off season

By Joe Talamanco

Americanos (Appleton, WI)
Photo By Dan Scafidi

June 8, 2002 — Appleton, WI . . . The 2002 season is finally here with this first show of the season. The Americanos home show and DCM contest was held at the new Fox Valley Lutheran High School in the northern part of the city. An enthusiastic crowd was on hand with standing room only to see what the corps had to offer this new season. When the evening was over the crowd definitely did not go home disappointed.

The evening started with an exhibition by both the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wind Band from Cherry Point, NC, and The Lutheran Vanguard of Wisconsin. The Marine Band played music ranging from patriotic to Star Wars. The band marched, maneuvered and at times played in convert formation all to the delight of the audience. The crowd also enjoyed the exhibition put on by The Lutheran Vanguard. Their repertoire included Fantasia in G, A Mighty Fortress, Big Noise from Winnetka, Navy Hymn and the band’s doxology, Street Hymn.

The Blue Stars form La Crosse, WI, started the competition off tonight marching 17 brass, 12 percussion (six snares, four basses, two quads), seven pit, nine guard and one drum major. They introduced their 2002 production that includes Jewish Trilogy, The Inferno, I Dreamed a Dream and the Overture to “Candide.” The defending 2001 DCI and DCM Division III champions have taken on a challenging show, something that we have all come to expect from this corps. They did a beautiful job with their I Dreamed a Dream number, and the crow shoed their approval. Toward the end of their show they did run out of steam a little. Things like this will be cleaned up as the season progresses. The Blue Stars finished in fourth place with a score of 44.83.

Next up was the Kilties Senior corps from Racine, WI…