DCI releases historic DVD collection

by Kelly Bitter, DCW assistant editor

The Drum Corps International DVD series “The Legacy Collection: Masterful Performances of the SUMMER MUSIC GAMES” will hit the shelves this July, allowing fans to view 26 years of drum corps history in a new format.

The DVDs will have several options for viewers, including score recaps for 1974 to 1999, a “perspective” clip recapping world events and drum corps events of the year, feature segments from the year’s television broadcast and the DCI finals performances from the top 12 corps of the year.

Each of the 26 years will be featured on a separate disk. PBS broadcaster Steve Rondinaro and drum corps authority Michael Cesario will host the “perspective” segment to remind viewers what was going on in the world during the year and to discuss what was evolving in drum corps at the time

Although most years include the complete finals performance, in 1974 only four corps were taped rather than 12, and in 1981, when the finals were held in Montreal, they were not taped at all. For that reason, the 1981 DVD features the Midwest Championships in Whitewater, WI.

DCI Executive Director Dan Acheson said the sound quality on the DVDs is “whatever it was at the time.” This ranges from mono to stereo to surround sound.

The production of this collection was a huge time and money commitment for DCI, but Acheson said he is pleased to be able to offer the DVDs “at a price that’s right.” Informal surveys have found that the selling price of $39 is acceptable to fans. Acheson said he hopes to be able to make up for the low cost with sale volume. He said it’s a “30th anniversary bonus” to be able to offer these DVDs.