Cadets, Surf win divisions; Spirit defeats Crown

by William Thorpe, DCW staff

Jersey Surf (Berlin, NJ)
Photo by David Rice

June 29, 2002 — Clifton, NJ . . . This was truly a fantastic evening of drum corps. The Cadets continued their winning streak, but the margin narrowed to 1.65 on even stronger performances from both The Cadets and Blue Devils. Jersey Surf coasted to another easy victory in an unchallenged division II race.

The mark of how great a program is how strong members’ talents are is their ability to reproduce the same level of quality and emotion in each presentation. Based on The Cadets’ performance in three separate competitions on three consecutive nights, it’s evident that these people know how to put on a show!

The open sequence of Times Square has continued to raise goose bumps, and one can’t help but be drawn in to the stylized movement and antics of this wonderful color guard. But the visual impacts are nothing without the quality of the musical performance…