Glassmen hang on as Bluecoats sneak up

by Vince Lamb, DCW staff

2002 Glassmen (Toledo, OH)
Photo by by Larry Stolldorf

June 25, 2002 — Lima, OH . . . Despite thunderstorms sweeping the region after nearly a week of scorching weather, the entire fifth annual Summer Serenade contest came off without a hitch as skies cleared by the scheduled start time and conditions improved steadily throughout the evening. The determined fans who came to the contest were rewarded for their perseverance with inspired performances that transcended the damp field and humid air. In return, the audience responded enthusiastically to every corps, continuing a tradition of great performances and appreciative crowds in Lima.

Lima was also one of several contests where Drum Corps Midwest tried out an experimental four-judge panel. The panel consisted of the two general effect judges and the two ensemble judges. The resulting score was then multiplied to 1.25 to compensate for the missing three performance judges and color guard judge. The scores and placements from this system were very similar to those expected from a full panel, although a few of the spreads seemed anomalous, such as the very slim 0.2 between Glassmen and Bluecoats. Still, judges, corps staffs and show sponsors alike will all be scrutinizing the results of these experiments before the next meeting of the regional association…