Three corps declare division I status for 2003

by Michael Carlson and Kelly Bitter, DCW staff

2002 Magic of Orlando (Orlando, FL)
Photo by David Rice

August 6, 2002 – Madison, WI . . . Three division II corps have announced their intention to compete in division I for the 2003 season. Magic of Orlando, Capital Regiment and Mandarins will join 2002’s division I corps at DCI Quarterfinals tonight.

“We are going to quarterfinals — we want to be in division I,” Capital Regiment Director Rick Bays announced Wednesday with a broad smile. “It will be good, it will be challenging and it will be exciting.”

Capital Regiment has always been a model organization for drum corps administrative business and operations. Progression of the organization’s size, tour schedule and future plans has always been based on the foundation of their financial flexibility and building an administrative and logistical infrastructure capable to handle expansion.

“Our goal has always been to be in division I,” Bays said.

After long discussions within the corps’ board of directors, the decision was made to move their time schedule up one year.

Enjoying another very successful season in division II, the corps already looks and feels like a division I organization. Consequently, to outsiders this would seem a natural decision.

According to Bays, however, the thought process for the announcement was strictly based on the same sound business judgment and practices that has brought the corps to this successful point in their history.

“When we told the kids today, you could see the sudden look of surprise . . . It was funny,” Bays said. “I told them, from this moment forward you will act like a division I corps.”

Magic of Orlando topped the division II/III finals competition Wednesday night with a score of 99.05. Capital Regiment’s 96.50 was enough to earn them second place, and the Mandarins took third with a 95.80. Because the three corps have chosen to move to division I, the quarterfinals competition will begin earlier than planned, with the Mandarins stepping off at 1:48 p.m.

2002 Mandarins (Sacramento, CA)
Photo by Jeff Sallee