Madison Scouts director retires

by Kelly Bitter, DCW editor

Madison Scouts (Madison, WI)
Photo by Karen Sunmark

Scott Stewart, executive director of the Madison Drum and Bugle Corps Association and director of the Madison Scouts, announced his retirement August 21 at the annual board picnic. Stewart, an alumnus of the Scouts, had been the director of the corps since 1977.

Board of directors chairman Andy Davis said a search for a new director has not yet begun, but will involve an interview committee and a resume committee made up of board and staff members. Davis described it as a “grass-roots search,” both inside and outside the corps and possibly the activity as well. If all goes well, a new director should be in place in about a month.

“As long as people know we’re moving ahead and are still going to be the Madison Scouts organization, I don’t think we have worries for next year,” Davis said. The goal is to make sure people still see the same Capital Sound, Madison Scouts and Southwind as they always have when the groups perform. Davis pointed out that Phantom Regiment has gone through a series of directors and has still been able to maintain its identity and quality of performance.

“This comes because of the strength of the organization,” Davis said…