Renegades to perform at Raiders season opener

by Lesa Barker, DCW staff

Renegades (San Francisco, CA)
Photo by Francesca Colombini

The San Francisco Renegades will perform their 2002 competitive season half-time show for the Oakland Raiders season opener vs. the Seattle Seahawks at Network Associates Coliseum September 8.

After an amazing season of historical significance, controversy, adversity and excitement, culminating in their first ever appearance at the DCA World Championships, it is appropriate for the Renegades to end their 2002 drum corps season with a show for their brethren in black — the Oakland Raiders.

Their half-time field show will showcase their final 2002 public performance of “The LOUDEST Show on Earth;” including Mambo, Undiscovered Lionel Richie and Spanish Dreams. Tickets to the season opener can be purchased at

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