Blue Devils to travel to Japan

Blue Devils (Concord, CA)
Photo by Ron Walloch


Members of the Blue Devils will be traveling to Japan in October to participate in the 15th annual “Marching in Okayama” festival. An ensemble of 21 brass players, 12 percussionists and six dancers will depart from San Francisco on October 6 and return on October 15. During their stay in Japan, the members will rehearse, sightsee around the Okayama area, perform for the mayor of Okayama and on Japanese radio and television promotions for the “Marching in Okayama” event, perform concerts and march in a parade. The day before the members leave Japan, they will play at the opening ceremonies of “Marching in Okayama” and will give an ending performance. The members will also attend several welcoming parties and a going away party. For more information, visit the Blue Devils’ Web site at