Limited touring status, rules changes discussed at DCI board meeting

by Kelly Bitter, DCW editor

Mandarins (Sacramento, CA)
Photo by Jeff Sallee

Limited touring schedules and performance rules changes were among the issues discussed at the Drum Corps International board of directors meeting held September 20 and 21.

Division I corps will have the option of a limited touring schedule beginning in the 2003 season, which will allow division II corps to make the transition to division I without the financial stress of a full six- or eight-week tour.

DCI Executive Director Dan Acheson said it would be possible for a corps to enter the tour three days before the championships or even three weeks before, depending on what the corps wants to do.

“It comes down to what can we do to accommodate them and what are they willing to do from a touring standpoint,” Acheson said.

The Mandarins have elected to take part in this limited tour, but Acheson said the date they enter the tour will probably not be decided until December.

Proposals for performance rules changes such as allowing on-filed amplification, extending eligibility for corps membership, adding a new division of competition and making changes in legal instrumentation were made at the meeting, but these proposals must be reviewed by the rules committee before any decisions will be made. The official proposals will be announced December 14, Acheson said.

DCI has also announced the dates of the major regional shows in 2003. Drums Along the Rockies has been set for July 12 in Denver, CO. The following weekend, the Southwestern Championships will be held in San Antonio, TX. Traditionally, this event has consisted of two shows, but this year it will be one show with a break. The Midwestern Championships at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis will also take on this format for their July 26 show.

The Masters of the Summer Music Games will take place Friday, July 25 in Murfreesboro, TN. Tickets for the Murfreesboro, San Antonio and Indianapolis shows will go on sale October 15.