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The amazing world of drum corps
Fascinating facts from drum corps history

Southern Aurora wins DCUK open class finals title
Coverage of the October 5 DCUK finals in Milton Keynes, U.K.

DCM judges guild disbanded, future of circuit discussed
DCM member corps voted to disband the DCM judges guild, but no decision was reached on the issue of discontinuing DCM and creating a new DCI Midwest division.

Squires, Lancers, Aurora Cadets top classes at DCUK championships
Coverage of the October 5 DCUK finals in Milton Keynes, U.K.

Remembering an old friend
Royal Grenadiers from Bradley, IL, existed through the early- to mid-1980s.

Madison Drum and Bugle Corps Association names new executive director
Bob Wall has been named the executive director.

Southern Aurora tops DCUK prelims
Coverage of the October 5 DCUK prelims in Milton Keynes, U.K.

In memoriam: Robert J. Murray Sr.
Murray was laid to rest September 12.

Letters to the editor
DCW readers share their views

Around the drum corps world
Updates on what’s happening in the world of drum corps

In Memoriam: Jim Cloyd
Memorial services for Cloyd were held September 30.

Seven comments on page six
Columnist Lee Rudnicki offers advice on how to start a drum and bugle corps.

The announcer
A poem by Jim Centorino

Starriders make magic at German Open
Starriders drill writer Gareth Skipp shares his experiences with the corps.

In memoriam: Red Christensen
Christensen died October 2 at the SwedishAmerican Hospital in Rockford, IL.

‘Shockwave’ unveiled at U.S. Military Academy — West Point
For fans of “BLAST!,” “Shockwave” might come as a surprise, but it will certainly come as a delight.

A few short ‘Shockwave’ interviews
Michael Boo chats with members of the “Shockwave” cast and staff.

‘BLAST!’ cast visits ‘Price is Right’ set
“BLAST!” cast member Michael Banks won the showcase at the end of the October 11 show.

Fred Olin shares his views on the activity.

Kampschroer invites DCW readers to submit nominations
A new Legacy category has replaced the Legends of Drum Corps hall of fame category.

Royal Airs season teaches a history lesson
Royal Airs member Van Williams shares his experiences with the corps.

Staff Changes
Updates on staff changes for the 2003 season