Madison Drum and Bugle Corps Association holds board elections

Madison Scouts (Madison, WI)
Photo by Alan Winslow

The Madison Drum & Bugle Corps Association held its yearly board of directors elections on October 19. Dr. Robert Kuske, Bill Schrack and Martin Redmann were elected to three-year terms, while Roger Johnson was re-elected to the board and will complete a two-year term. Sarah Teshke was elected to a one-year term.

Kuske, Schrack, Teshke and Redmann had just completed one-year appointed terms, while Johnson just finished a three-year elected term as vice president of the board.

The board of directors immediately voted the following individuals into elective offices:
President: Andy Davis
Vice President: Martin Redmann
Secretary: Bob Wall (per the Association bylaws)
Treasurer: Bill Schrack

Several people in attendance at the meeting expressed interest in being appointed to the board for one-year terms. The board will likely make several appointments in the next month.

Southwind (Lexington, KY) Photo by Ron Walloch