New season brings many staff changes

Santa Clara Vanguard (Santa Clara, CA)
Photo by Karen Sunmark

Many corps have made changes or additions to their staffs for the 2003 season. Drum Corps World will feature biographies on each of the new staff members in our December issue. Here are the new staff members you can read about in our next issue:

Blue Devils
Scott Chandler — program coordinator

Carolina Crown
Jeff Queen — percussion caption head
Leon May — visual designer and member of the design team
Matt Harloff — brass caption head
Michael Klesch — brass arranger and member of the design team
Rosie Miller — color guard caption head
Eric Willie — percussion coordinator and member of the design team
Joe Wever — visual caption head
Michael Townsend — principle color guard designer/writer

Heat Wave
Vic Kulinski Jr. — executive director

Madison Scouts
Jamey Thompson — drill designer
Jennifer Leseth — color guard coordinator/designer
Scott Boerma — horn arranger and co-caption head
Mark Waymire — horn co-caption head
Jim Yakas — percussion director/caption head
Brian Johnson — front line arranger

Magic of Orlando
Thom Hannum — program consultant

Oregon Crusaders
Kevin Soon — brass staff
Ronnie LaGrone — brass consultant
Ben Deider — marching tech
Ari Decherd — pit tech
Ron Barnett — color guard

Phantom Regiment
Paul Rennick — design staff

Michael Hamilton — brass caption head
Steve Rodrigues — percussion caption head
Cindi Britto — color guard caption head
Izzy Delgado — visual caption head
The Raiders would like to acknowledge and thank Mark Fabio as well as John and Cheryl Gillick for their contributions over the past five years as caption heads. They will now be elevated to the positions of brass and percussion arrangers and visual coordinator.

Reading Buccaneers
Larry Markiewicz — program coordinator

Santa Clara Vanguard
Key Poulan — brass arranger
Denise Bonfiglio, Michael James, Greg Lagola and Stephanie Renell — color guard staff
Jeremy Spicer, Ken Rydeen, Bill Watson, Marc Whitlock and Nicholas Williams — brass staff
Ralph Hardimon, Hunter McRae, Armando Olivares and Chris Retschulte — percussion staff
Chris Considine, Joey Keays and Eugene Tuttle — visual staff

Spirit of JSU
Dr. Cameron Crotts — brass staff
David Starnes — program coordinator/designer
Michael Gaines — drill designer

The Cadets
Glen Crosby — percussion staff

Carolina Crown (Ft. Mill, SC)
Photo by Dan Scafidi