Drum Corps Europe will hold outdoor shows in 2003

After two years of indoor competition in Europe, Drum Corps Europe has decided to move outdoors. The summer of 2003 will be the first year of outdoor drum corps on a European scale.

There will be three DCE contests, followed by the DCE European Championships. Jubal Drum & Bugle Corps, the Dutch corps that entered the DCI competition last summer, will be one of the competitors in the circuit.

The Drum Corps Europe staff is looking forward to great drum corps season in Europe. The contests are scheduled for May 24, June 14-15, September 6 and September 27. After the success of the DCE/Dynasty Mega Clinic in 2002, there will be a second edition of the clinic on April 19-20, 2003. A corps preview will be part of the clinic.

The drum corps activity is growing again on the European continent. Drum Corps Europe was founded two years ago. In 2001 and 2002, DCE organized indoor drum corps contests in Belgium and The Netherlands, and more than 20 corps participated in the circuit.

This year DCE received many requests for outdoor competitions. DCE will start the outdoor competition in conjunction with partner organizations like Dynasty USA, Percussion Projects, CBSD (Dutch band association) and NJF (the biggest youth music festival in The Netherlands).

More information can be found at www.drumcorps.org.uk.