Bushwackers prepare 2003 show

by David Lepore, DCW staff

Bushwackers (Harrison, NJ)
Photo by David Rice

It’s only winter, but the buzz around the Bushwackers’ camp is that they are primed for gold. After a seventh place finish at last year’s DCA World Championship, the Bushwackers already see potential for great things this season.

The Bushwackers, from Harrison, NJ, are becoming accustomed to their new winter home at East Side High School in Newark. Their 2003 show, “Journey to the Moon,” includes a piece from Robert Smith, who wrote Inferno, the Bushwackers’ dramatic opener in 2002.

The show is broken down into four sequences. Part One, titled “The Launch,” features Twelve Seconds to the Moon by Smith. So far Bush has been plugging away at this piece of the show, which is again arranged by Chuck Naffier and involves intricate tonguing in all parts of the horn line.

“Quite simply this is the strongest Bushwackers corps I have ever seen at this point in the winter,” Drum Major Chris Kilian said. “We have so much talent from top to bottom and such a dedicated and energetic membership. There is a real commitment to excellence and an extreme attention to details that will undoubtedly pay off this summer. I am seriously pumped for every single camp.”

The ballad, First Contact by Jerry Smith, takes on Part Two of show, “The Orbit.” Originally, Bush was supposed to bring John Williams’ Cadillac of the Sky to the field, but due to copyright problems, no corps in DCA will be going to the field with any of his music.

The fast-fingered show picks up the speed again in Parts Three and Four of the show with excerpts from David Holsinger’s To Tame the Perilous Skies. These two parts are titled “The Landing” and “Re-entry.”

According to Kilian, the Bushwackers are looking to march with 44 horns, seven snares, four tenors, five basses, and fairly large cymbal and pit sections.

“We’ve won championships with 44 horns,” Kilian began. “Our motto has always been ‘quality before quantity’ and our staff feels that 44 quality members will do the trick.”

However Bush isn’t quite there yet…

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