DCI board votes in favor of amplification, shorter division II/III shows

Beginning in 2004, DCI will allow amplification
of pit instruments. (Photo by Richard Wersinger)

by Kelly Bitter, DCW editor

Beginning in 2004, amplification of pit instruments and the human voice will be allowed in Drum Corps International shows. The proposal, presented by Youth Education in the Arts director George Hopkins, passed by a 12-8 vote at last weekend’s board of director’s meeting held in Orlando, FL.

Also beginning in the 2004 season, division II and III corps will have a new minimum show length of eight minutes and 30 seconds. This will allow the corps to spend more time working on segments of the show and should increase the quality of the performances. The proposal passed unanimously, as did a boundary violation clarification. This clarification, which will be effective for the 2003 season, states that performers may stage or drop equipment over the boundary line but may not perform there.

The proposal to change the cut-off date for age-outs from June 1 to December 31 of the age-out year was voted down by a 6-14 vote, with representatives from the Blue Devils, The Cadets, Carolina Crown, Crossmen, Madison Scouts and Southwind voting in favor of the change.

Most of the 13 proposed rules changes did not make it to the final vote on Sunday. Six were voted down immediately Saturday morning, and the two proposals related to judging, as well as the proposal for a new “World Class” to be added to the existing divisions, were sent to the executive committee as “policies and procedures” rather than rules changes.

The proposals that did not move on to the Sunday vote included the elimination of on-field warm-ups, addition of saxophones, use of electronics, lengthening shows to 13 minutes, increasing maximum corps size to 180 and changing field departure rules.

Drum Corps World staff members Allison Close, Chris Atkinson and Vince Lamb attended the DCI board meetings in Orlando. To read their reports, check out the March issue of DCW!