New Indonesian band promotes discipline, values in local youth

A new marching band called Marching Eternity was recently established in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesia, many groups take their inspiration and style from the American drum and bugle corps movement.

The new band was established by Julius Fahlevi Harahap, Sony Yudianto, Dody Julian Purnama and Joko Budiono April 6 to develop the marching band world in Indonesia and to accommodate youths’ interests and talents in marching band in Jogjakarta.

The band’s purpose is to show children that dedication and hard work enable them to achieve success, and success, in turn, promotes confidence in their abilities. Marching Eternity already has 75 members, including 30 percussionists, 25 in the horn line and 20 in the color guard.

The band is for children and teens ages 10-19. Instructors hope to develop personal character in the members through musical and visual performance activities while implanting values and the importance of dedication, hard work and sense of togetherness, with a result of leadership spirit, discipline, teamwork, responsibility and self-control. The Marching Eternity recognizes the important values of dedication, discipline, commitment and achievement through teamwork that is then carried back into the community.

Marching Eternity currently offers six youth programs: percussion “A” and “B” teams, color guard “A” and “B” teams, a mental-spiritual program and the Marching Eternity Show Program. The band is committed to offering educational and cultural experiences to its performing members.

Music and visual performance activities are one medium that connects youth with their culture. The activities a young person pursues influence the type of person he or she becomes. The lack of activities may negatively influence a person’s soul and daily life. Most youth who spend their days with non-valuable and dangerous activities often finally turn to drugs. To avoid those negative impacts, the band’s programs permanently enrich the lives of young people through a commitment to youth development and performance excellence.

The band is asking for donations or loans of marching band instruments that are no longer in use.

Contact Marching Eternity:
Office: Jl. Podang 36, Pringwulung, Condong Catur, Jogjakarta
Phone: 628122709623