DC Merchandise UK announces scholarship fund for 2004

DC Merchandise UK is proud to announce the formation of a scholarship fund open to all United Kingdom marching members wishing to participate in either Drum Corps International or Marching Bands of America, along with a special award being given to any competing winter guard unit participating in either Winter Guard International regionals or finals.

The fund, which will be managed by National Westminster Bank, will be judged in August 2003 by an independent panel comprising a member from the Trust Managers, a CEO of a major IT company and a musician from a performing group. The total fund will hold a minimum of £1,500, which will be split between the recipients equally, and announced in September 2003.

The fund will be available to the members upon proof of an equal amount having been raised by the individual or group to a maximum of £500 and will be made available no later than the end of October 2003. Individuals will be able to apply for the funding from July 2003 through the DC Merchandise UK Web site or by mail. The application will be formulated over the coming weeks and full details available no later than the end of June 2003.

Steve and Maureen Allen of DC Merchandise UK said, “We are delighted to be able to offer this funding to UK marching members; we appreciate how hard it is to raise the relevant funding for these trips and also what this means to so many individuals. We will ensure that the funds are apportioned to the best application through the three adjudicators who are all independent and have no ties with any corps or group within the U.K. activity. While we are sure that some people will see this as a negative, DC Merchandise UK see it as the fairest way to move forward.”

Fund details from National Westminster Bank will be made available to individuals or groups in September 2003. For further details on this opportunity, please contact

Steve Allen, DC Merchandise UK
Even Keel
Pinkle Hill Road
Heath and Reach