See what’s in the December 2003 issue of DCW!

Garden State Circuit will discontinue operations
Members of the circuit voted October 11 to discontinue operations

Get the latest scores from the European competitions

Southern Illinois drum corps reunion is a success
Drum corps alumni gathered in St. Louis to celebrate the Belleville Black Knights’ 50th anniversary.

The making of an I&E entry: the Renegades Cover Choir
Christina Mavroudis takes a behind the scenes look at putting together the Renegades’ I&E chorus

The amazing world of drum corps
Fascinating facts about drum corps history from columnist Brian Tolzmann

Cavaliers will perform James Bond show in 2004
The corps will bring some of the world’s best-known music to the field.

Remembering a few old friends
Photo feature of four corps that are no longer active.

Eau Claire corps will hold reunion in June
The Sundowners, Eau Claire Boys and Eau Claire Scouts will gather June 18-20.

Madison Scouts and Scott Boerma celebrate 15 years of great brass collaboration
Boerma has been responsible for the Scouts’ signature sound for 15 years.

Letters to the editor
Readers share their views.

A Hurricane rookie at 56, part 2
Bill Flaker shares his experiences as a rookie with the Connecticut Hurricanes honor guard

Marching solutions, part 1: The building blocks of marching
This is the first in a series of articles Stuart Rice will be writing about marching technique.

Cozy’s corner
Columnist Cozy Baker shares news from the drum corps community.

To kiss a Bon Bon… or two
Mario Navetta recalls his infatuation with the Audubon Bon Bons.

Around the drum corps world
News briefs from the world of drum corps

Music review: “Three Dreams” features delightful melodies
David Scott provides a review of Jim Centorino’s latest CD.

A fun fan survey
Bill Flaker asks readers to respond to his DCA fan survey by December 20.

The discourse of drum corps: a polemic
Chris Atkinson takes a look at how change and controversy affect drum corps

Minnesota drummer reflects on high drums at DCA Championships
Mike “Nedge” Neimeyer tells of his experience winning the drum caption with Minnesota Brass, Inc.

The 2003 Drum Corps United Kingdom Championships
A photo collage of DCUK corps

An interview with DCI’s executive director, Dan Acheson
In part 1 of this two-part interview, Acheson answers questions on a variety of topics.

Music review: High Brass
Dave Scott reviews High Brass’s new CD, “Higher!”

DCA elects officers, names director of the year
Chris Nalls of the Renegades is the director of the year for 2003

Evil triumphs in Renegades’ 2004 show
The Renegades’ program is titled “Goodbye Blue Skies.”

The day drum and bugle corps died
Ian Scaife takes a light-hearted look at the evolution of drum corps.

A drum corps affair: the romancing of ‘Mav’
DCW writer and Renegades member Christina Mavroudis shares the story of her romance with and engagement to DCI public relations director Ed Dempsey.