Grace Jones passes away

Grace Jones, wife of the late Troopers founder/director Jim Jones, passed away January 26, in Casper, WY. She was by her husband’s side through more than 30 years of the corps’ history, until they retired from the corps in 1987. Jim Jones passed away in 1994.

According to longtime family friend and Troopers staff member Gene Monterastelli, “She was there every step of the way, in charge of volunteers, taking care of the food and of the kids. From 1957 to 1987 she was on the road with the corps and continued to support the corps until her death.”

Former member Vicki Niswonger added, “She was a bookkeeper, seamstress, chaperone and tour mom for most of us. She was a special lady in the Troopers’ family and she will be missed.”

For many years, she and her husband also ran a contracting firm in Casper. Jim Jones was one of the founders of Drum Corps World (along with Don Whiteley) in 1971, at the same time Drum Corps International was formed.

DCW publisher Steve Vickers noted, “Grace and Jim were always good friends to me and I have a lot to be grateful to them for, relating to the publication. I’ve spent the last 30 years involved in the activity through the paper and I owe that to both of them.”

Grace Jones is survived by her children, Cathy, Gail, Laurel, Lynne and Jim.

Details on services and memorials will be available later this week. Please check the Troopers’ Web site — — for additional information.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Jones family, as well as the entire Troopers family.