A drum corps wedding

by Fran Haring, DCW staff

Twas quite a magical day, with drum corps romance in the air. People gathered from near and far on Saturday, February 14, for the wedding of drum corps personalities Ed Dempsey and Christina Mavroudis in San Jose, CA.

Ed works full-time for DCI’s marketing department and Christina, aka ‘Mav,’ has been a long-time contributor to Drum Corps World and also is a member of the San Francisco Renegades. Her daughter, Emily, Christinas maid of honor, aged out of the Santa Clara Vanguard last summer after eight seasons.

Okay, let the name-dropping begin! As far as drum corps goes, the ‘near’ included a contingent of Renegades featuring Director Chris Nalls, Jeff DeMello, Drum Corps World photographer Francesca Colombini and California drum corps legend Munson Chan.

The ‘far’ included a number of people from the Chicago area where Ed and Christina now are living, and from Eds old hometown of Baltimore. The Chicagoans included Tom and Peggy Kosin of DCI, Father Jim Murphy (who presided over the wedding at St. Lucys Church) and Stefanie Kressaty of the Kilties, who showed off her great singing voice at the ceremony.

From Baltimore came Syracuse Brigadiers brass staffer Ed Meyers (Eds best man) and his wife, Erica, formerly of the Hawthorne Caballeros, Kingston Grenadiers and Reading Buccaneers. Oh yeah, this writer made the trip from Baltimore, too, but since Im the one telling you about the wedding, you probably already guessed that! And, of course, my lovely wife, Barbara, currently a member of the Westshoremen Alumni corps, also was on hand for the Valentines Day festivities.

Last, but certainly not least, Joe Pero, the   fabulous brass soloist for the Empire Statesmen, was in attendance. Joey was part of an excellent brass quintet (along with Chris Nalls and other members of the Renegades) that played at the wedding ceremony.

I think its safe to say that a good time was had by all. The weather was mild, the church beautiful. Christina looked radiant in her    wedding gown, Ed looked sharp in his tuxedo.

Everyone got a chance to kick back and relax at the reception, where various beverages were flowing. It was a great day. Heres wishing the happy couple a long life together!