DCA ready for potential record season

by Tom Peashey, DCA PR

Saturday, March 27, saw the membership of DCA meet in regular session to finalize all information for the 2004 season, discuss at length the future of DCA and have the draw for positions at all contests.

The weekend started with an executive board and committee meeting to discuss at length the direction that DCA should plan on taking in the years to come. This progressive meeting was well-attended and included specific, detailed input that may lead to considerable change in the make-up of the organization come the rules congress next winter.

Much of what was presented in committee was offered to the full membership on Saturday for their consideration and review over the summer months. It is hoped all of this hard work will culminate in a clear and progressive vision of the future, which can be placed in action at the next rules congress.

A report was made to the membership on the 2004 Scranton, 40th anniversary championship by Dr. Almo Sebastianelli. He advised that everything was well underway and hotel activity in particular was brisk. Fans requiring assistance in locating hotels for the championship are encouraged to check with the Northeast Pennsylvania Visitors and Convention Center. Their web site is http://www.visitnepa.org and their toll free phone line is 800-22WELCOME.

The ticket ordering procedure has begun with sales to the general public beginning on April 1. Fans on the priority mailing list, who ordered during the March sign-up period, will have their orders filled first. Anyone ordering tickets should be advised it might be several weeks before actual tickets are mailed to you, but orders will be filled in the order received.

President Gil Silva stated interest in attending the championship was brisk. Yokohama Inspires have made their commitment and will be attending with an even larger corps than the 5th-place finalist from two years ago.

With prelims moved to Saturday evening, it appears over 20 corps will be in attendance. There is a distinct possibility a new record for attendance could be set — exceeding the record 23 corps attending the “soggy” 1987 event in Allentown where prelims determinied the title.

Prelims will start at 4:00 PM and go well into the evening. Order of appearance at prelims will be determined by seeding. The seeding formula can get complicated, but basically it is the average of the two highest scores achieved in the month of August.

The meeting concluded with the draw for appearance at all regular season shows. As it was last season, all member corps in a contest draw equally. This reflects the member”s belief that parity has been achieved in DCA and it is no longer in the best interest of the fans and corps to draw in smaller groups determined by position at the previous championship. The DCA South draw for the three regional shows sanctioned there will be held at a later date.

With almost every corps reporting the completion of strong winter camps and a generous increase in the number of corps participating, it is certain DCA’s 40th year will be most successful and continue the upward spiral of the past few seasons.