Drum Corps World Historical Record and Memorabilia Auction to return in October

October 1,2004 — Drum Corps World and the Internet-based Web site, Drum Corps Vinyl (www.drumcorpsvinyl.com), have teamed up to bring you the second phase of the Drum Corps World Historic Record and Memorabilia Auction.

In the past, fans of the drum corps activity submitted bids on these items through the office of Drum Corps World, however, this phase of the auction will now be conducted through the Drum Corps Vinyl Web site via the world’s largest Internet auction Web site, www.ebay.com.

The auctions are scheduled to start the week of October 25, 2004 and will run into the first two weeks of November. In order to bid on these items, you must be a registered bidder on Ebay. If you are not, you can go to their Web site (www.ebay.com) and register. It’s fast, easy and free.

On October 25, you will be able to see listings of items up for auction. Additional items will be added throughout that week. The easiest way to find these items is by going to the www.drumcorpsvinyl.com Web site and clicking on the Ebay auction button. This will take you directly to all of the items listed. Auctions will last only seven days, so we recommend that you check back often to see the status of auctions and other new items that will be added.

If you are a true fan of the drum corps activity and you’d love to capture some of the past history and great memories, this is a great chance to recover items that you may have once owned, lent to a friend and never got back, or just got rid of years ago. The auctions will feature items such as; rare record albums from Fleetwood, DCI, DCA, Ken Kolbold and others, compact discs, cassette tapes, videotapes, rare, one-time recorded albums, program books and much more!

For more details on this historic auction, contact Drum Corps Vinyl at dcvinyl@hotmail.com or visit their Web site at www.drumcorpsvinyl.com