Bridgemen alumni corps has successful open house

The St. Andrew’s chapel hasn’t seen a crowd like that in a long time. The Bridgemen Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps introduced itself to the world Saturday night, October 2, in front of a packed house. Executive Director George Lavelle laid out the plans for the next three years and so far the response has been overwhelming.

Lavelle unveiled the plans, which begin with its first rehearsal on January 9, 2005, build through parades and standstills, and culminate with numerous field shows during the 2007 season.

After Lavelle was finished laying out the details of the corps’ plans, it was on to the staff. The corps was re-introduced to their long-time arrangers, Dennis Delucia and Larry Kershner. “We have managed to bring back two people who were instrumental in bringing the Bridgemen to national prominence,” Lavelle said. “We are elated that they are involved.”

Both Kershner and Delucia spoke to the new corps. Each related their desire to bring back something that has been missing for so long. “People deserve to hear this music,” Delucia said. He then spoke of the young kids of today, having never had the opportunity to hear the Bridgemen’s music played. “They have a right to hear this music”.

After the evening, Lavelle spoke of the initial turnout. “I’m so happy we had the response that we did. Even on a night when so many people were committed to marching bands and judging, we still managed to have well over 100 people come out. We hope to achieve our goal of 200 marching members at our first performance on Memorial Day 2005.”

Anyone interested in being involved with the rebirth of the Bridgemen can contact the corps at