Drum corps family needs help after devastating fire

At about 2:30 AM on Wednesday, November 17, drum corps members Phil and Trudi Crouthamel’s son’s house burned to the ground. In the fire, Steve’s seven-year-old son, Jonathan, affectionately called “JJ,” lost his life.

Steve Crouthamel received serious injury to his esophagus as a result of inhaling smoke and the heat generated by the fire. He is recovering in the hospital.

Phil is a long-time member of the Archer-Epler Musketeers color guard. He has held leadership positions in Archer-Epler American Legion Post #979 for many years. He is a friend to a large number of drum corps members and fans of the activity.

Trudi is also a devoted Archie member. Steve marches with Archie whenever his work schedule allows. Phil’s son and grandchildren have lost everything they own. There is no insurance to help the family at this tragic time.

Carol and Chas Coffman of Archer-Epler have organized a drive to bring as much help as possible to Steve Crouthamel, his significant other, Jennifer, and their family. The family includes Kenny, who is five months old; Kayla, who will be two years old in December; Angel, who is four; and Xavier, who is six.

We are calling on every drum and bugle corps and drum corps person to lend a hand in helping the Crouthamel family. They need    clothing, baby formula, boxes of diapers, food — everything needed to get started again.

Cash contributions would be most helpful and will allow the family to obtain what is needed soonest.

Please send all donations to: Carol and Charles Coffman, 250 Crawford Road, Landsdowne, PA 19050.