The Bridgemen Alumni Corps finalizes equipment for 2005

The Bridgemen Alumni Corps finally has the equipment it will need for 2005. The administration has been hard at work for months trying to gather the necessary equipment it will need. Through the efforts of many, the corps now has commitments for a full drum battery, flags, rifles and 75 horns!

In June, Director George Lavelle and his staff began the arduous task of collecting enough equipment to field a corps of 150
people. “It’s one thing to start a corps,” Lavelle said. “It’s another to start from scratch with a corps of this magnitude”.

The first equipment was purchased with the help of the Skyliners. “The Skyliners were there for us, helping us to get started at a time when we had very little money,” the director said. The Bridgemen purchased 34 two- valve horns from The Skyliners. The administration then began looking for other pieces to supplement its equipment. It reached a deal with Carolina Gold to purchase three contras in September and just this week has been granted permission to use Phoenix drum corps’ full compliment of 22 three-valve and 16 two-valve horns. “Seventy-five horns will get us where we need to be,” said Assistant Director Tom Kowalak. “This, coupled with the horns many members already own, will allow us to field the 120 horns we envisioned.”

Meanwhile, the Bridgemen have been working on purchasing a full drum line. “We have agreed on a deal with Yamaha to purchase nine snares, four quints and six bass drum,s” Lavelle said. “Deals are also in the works for all the sticks, mallets, heads and cymbals we will need. I can’t believe we made to this point,” he continued. “We have the horns and drums in place and will be ready for our first rehearsal.”

Guard caption head Matt Hurley has graciously agreed to provide the corps with all the Flags, poles and rifles they will need. “This is really going to be a lot of fun,” Hurley said. “I can’t wait to get started.”

The Bridgemen now need some way to get the equipment around. In a surprise announcement to his staff, Lavelle announced that they are starting negotiations for the purchase of an equipment truck. While this is in its early stages, Lavelle believes he can finish a deal to have the truck before the first rehearsal in January.

The Bridgemen remind everyone that its first rehearsal will take place in Bayonne on Sunday, January 9. Anyone interested in being a part of the Bridgemen should contact the corps at

The Bridgemen are a 501 (3) c Non Profit organization.