An important message from the publisher

As many of you have probably learned — through the DCW Web site, Drum Corps Planet, RAMD or word of mouth — I have had a challenging five weeks. I originally scheduled surgery for Tuesday, January 18, and allowed six weeks between the February and March issues to recover. I completed 13 of the 20 pages of this issue prior to the operation.

The surgery went well and I was discharged after five days in the hospital and was making good progress in recovering strength.

Then I had a setback on January 30, when I experienced a major heart attack caused by a large blood clot that broke loose in my heart. I was actually sedated for six days, followed by another three days in ICU and three more in a regular room. I was able to return home on Friday, February 11.

I have been able to spend a few hours each day during the past two weeks working on DCW business, but completing the seven pages has been a bigger task than I anticipated, even with some help, so the March issue will actually be mailed five days later than the originally-scheduled February 24 date . . . the first issue not out on schedule in 25 years! It is being mailed on Tuesday, March 1.

Through all of the challenges I’ve faced, I have felt the tremendous support from drum corps friends all over the world — and even individuals I’ve never met — who e-mailed me, sent a card or phoned me. I know that the good wishes and prayers helped me deal with my health issues and get through this difficult time.

I would expecially like to thank severel people here in Madison who came to my “rescue.”

Barb Loeffelholz, who worked with me running the DCW office for almost 19 years, pitched in by processing mail, filling orders, depositing funds and keeping the mailing list up to date; and Steve Powers, who worked with me for 11 years as the editor of DCW, for spending five hours at my desk one day right before I got out of the hospital cleaning up my e-mail account (something went wrong with the filter right before the surgery and it resulted in nearly 4,000 e-mails being dumped into my in-box, 95% of which was junk, during a three-week period).

I also want to thank Michael Boo for putting together an article on what I was experiencing and   getting it to my Webmaster, Ricky Fritzsching, who posted in on the DCW Web site to help let subscribers know what was happening here in Madison.

I have received more than 250 get-well cards, e-mails messages and phone calls from friends, subscribers and advertisers around the world, all of which I sincerely appreciate. I spent part of a day perusing Drum Corps Planet and reading the messages posted on their forum and appreciate the efforts of Michael New and the DCP members for all the wonderful comments included about me.

I’m now on the mend and hope to resume a regular schedule within the next month. I am spending two to five hours each day at my desk and have most of the work I missed caught up.
Feel free to call the office if you have any questions or comments. I answer the business line between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM seven days a week if I’m home.

Thank you, everyone, for your encouragement and support!