Spartans have new show sponsor

BAE Systems is proud to sponsor the Spartans Drum & Bugle Corps’ 50th anniversary celebration in 2005 and will be cheering for them on July 2 for their “Bugler’s Holiday” performance in Nashua, NH.

The company is a long-time supporter of this extraordinary group of young people and the reason for our support is clear:

Like BAE Systems, the Spartans have also contributed to the social fabric of New Hampshire’s local communities for half a century. Even more, what the Spartans do on the field is very much akin to the kind of spirit, dedication and work ethic BAE attempts to instill in the employees of its high technology company.

The Spartans draw together a diverse group of young people from surrounding communities, from across the country and even in some instances from other countries. The Spartans engage in exercises that require and build teamwork, artistry, skill, timing, music and choreography — that results in first-class competition with peer groups from across the United States.

Similarly, BAE’s diverse and talented workers need many of those same kinds of individual and team characteristics for the company to continue to succeed in the highly competitive business arena.   The Spartans are one of their object lessons — with the fruits of their labor in full and immediate view to awestruck audiences — on the value of hard work, team work, talent and, most of all, spirit.

So BAE is sponsoring the Spartans this year, not just from a sense of philanthropy, but also because what these young people accomplish with each performance is an image of what the people in the business world seek to also accomplish in their industry.

Go, Spartans, and congratulations on your Golden Anniversary!

Galen Ho, President
Information and Electronic Warfare Systems
BAE Systems (Nashua, NH)