Edmonton Strutters will perform for Queen of England

Celebrating 100 years, Edmonton and Alberta will be delighted to host Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh.

The Strutters will be performing on Monday, May 23, in Common Wealth Stadium for what’s sure to be the biggest birthday party ever. The Strutters are one of many groups performing for the celebration, including Ian Tyson, Tommy Banks, Corb Lund, White Chocolate, Maren Ord, The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and more.

The event itself will be hosted by Paul Gross, Lorne Cardinal, Colin MacLean and Renelle Fagnan-Roy.

Strutters Director Dennie Hirsch commented on how the Strutters were able to get involved with the event — “It was just another phone call I took one morning. The man on the other end of the line was wondering if we might be available for a performance on May 23. Looking at the calendar, I could see this was probably the worst possible day and weekend for a performance.

“Up here in Canada, it’s our May long weekend, in celebration of Queen Victoria Day. I assured him that a performance just was not possible. After some talk and exchange of more details about the event, he came to say that he had some information, but at that time it was confidential, but would make me change my mind.

“After hearing we were going to be performing in the presence of the Queen of England, I knew this was one event we just could not turn down. Since that decision about a month ago, the staff and members have jump-started the parade tune, “Down on the Corner,” with a cadence and have begun what’s sure to be a high-energy performance for a world-class event.

“The loss of half our long weekend will be made up in June and July and let me tell you that I know this experience will be topping some of my own experiences so far with this activity.”

Hirsch goes on about the Strutters’ history in the City of Champions — “The Strutters are a familiar face in Edmonton, having played for the Farewell to Wayne Gretzky, many yearly festivals and parades, 1996 Canadian Leader Summit, 1999 Grey Cup, the 2001 World Track and Field Games. In one of the biggest cities in Canada, it feels good to be called upon when there is a major event is happening.”

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