Starting a circuit in the southwest — one corps at a time!

by Chris Green, executive director of Frontier

A little over a year ago, Gulf Coast Sound and Frontier Drum & Bugle Corps of Texas decided that there was an immediate need for more corps in the area. With more corps locally, more shows and cheaper travel would make the summer more rewarding for everyone.

In June 2005, all four active Texas drum corps — two DCI (Revolution and Trinity) and two DCA (Gulf Coast Sound and Frontier) — performed two concerts at the historic Alamo and Riverwalk in San Antonio. On August 6, Gulf Coast Sound is hosting their friends and family performance with invited guests Frontier at a show titled ‘A Night of Stars’. On August 28, Frontier is hosting Gulf Coast Sound at their friends and family performance, “Brass Hysteria.”

Plans for 2006 haven’t been determined, but it is likely that the “Texas Drum Corps Preview” will return, along with “A Night of Stars,” Brass Hysteria” and possibly other performances.

Also in 2006, there are two new projects in development.

#1 Shreveport, LA, is about 3.5 hours from Dallas, four hours from Jackson, MS, and six hours from Houston, making it difficult for interested people in those areas to march with any of the three closest all-age corps (Frontier, Jackson Generals and Gulf Coast Sound).

A yahoo group has been launched to help organize people in Shreveport and help develop a corps of their own. The name Masquerade was chosen by several people in Louisiana as one reflective of the state and its culture

The group can be found at:

Masquerade Drum & Bugle Corps
Shreveport, LA
Future Website:

#2 Oklahoma City is about 3.25 hours from Dallas, six hours from Olathe KS (Kansas City), and 10 hours from Denver, CO, which are the three closest all-age corps to the area (Frontier, Prairie Sound — Kansas City and High Country Brass — Denver).

A yahoo group has been launched to help organize people in Oklahoma City and help develop a corps of their own. The name Crosswinds was chosen to reflect the weather history of Oklahoma (winds, tornadoes), as well as the crossing of several major cultures in what is referred to as the Indian Nation.

The group can be found at:

Crosswinds Drum & Bugle Corps
Oklahoma City, OK
Future Website:

There are also rumblings of projects in Austin, TX, and Little Rock, AR. Hopefully those can be added to the list soon!

With all the new growth in DCA corps, it is the hope of both Gulf Coast Sound and Frontier (as well as many other people working on new projects all over the country) that local corps and seasons can happen outside of the Northeast. Currently, the closest competition for a Texas area corps is 16 to 18 hours away.

Over the next few years, hopefully we will see long trips be the rarity rather than the norm. Big trips for championships and regionals, with more local touring, will help strengthen all corps involved and the activity.

I asked the question last year and I ask it agai’n — What have you done to strengthen the drum corps activity today?’

Chris Green
Executive Director
Frontier Performing Arts Association