Watch the Drum Corps World commercial on ESPN2 repeat broadcasts

Drum Corps World was among the first companies to sign up with Drum Corps International to support the broadcast on ESPN2 that originally aired on Tuesday, September 6. The 30-second commercial was put together by DCW staff member Rob Sheiffele, a producer with the television program “Extra,” and John Christensen, an independent filmmaker based in California, who recently completed a documentary on the Blue Devils called “11 1/2 Minutes.”

ESPN2 will rebroadcast the first hour of the DCI program (with a new ending) on Tuesday, September 20, from 3:00 to 4:00 PM Eastern time. The second hour will be rebroadcast (with a new beginning) on Friday, September 23, from 2:00 to 3:00 PM Eastern time.

The full two-hour program and the two one-hour programs are expected to be reshown on ESPN2 additional times during the coming year.

Drum Corps World Publisher Steve Vickers is hoping to sign up many new subscribers for the newspaper during its 34th season of coverage. A special price for first-timers offers $10.00 off the regular prices for all six levels of mailing service.

Initial response has been very strong in the days following the September 6 showing and response to the Drum Corps World 30-second spot has been encouraging.

This is the first time the publication has advertised nationally in this way and Vickers said it is in large part to support DCI’s efforts to bring the drum and bugle corps activity to a wider number of young people who might be interested in trying out for a group in their area and to encourage people who are exposed to the activity for the first time through the medium of television.

The ESPN2 network reaches 80% of homes with cable access and, according to DCI, the number of viewers anticipated will hopefully be considerably more than any previous telecast during its 30-year run on the PBS television network. This will be the first time that the program will be broadcast at the same time in all areas of the United States . . . 10:00 PM Eastern time, 9:00 PM Central time, 8:00 PM Mountain time and 7:00 PM Pacific time.

Your comments about the commercial are welcomed by sending an e-mail to Steve Vickers at

Enjoy the program, support your favorite corps and Drum Corps International!