Here is what’s in the August 31 issue of Drum Corps World

Steve Vickers, DCW Publisher

The August 31, 2005 edition of Drum Corps World was mailed to subscribers on Thursday, August 25. Here is a list of the articles and features included in this 32-page tabloid newspaper (Volume 34, Number 11), one of 18 issues totaling 400 pages of information produced yearly —

On the front page are color photos of: Syracuse Brigadiers, Syracuse, NY; Reading Buccaneers, Reading, PA; Empire Statesmen, Rochester, NY; The Cadets, Allentown, PA; Spartans, Nashua, NH; and Raiders, Wayne, NJ.

Also on the cover are the following articles:
* “The Cadets take ninth title in DCI showdown at Foxboro” (August 13) — by Christina
* “Spartans, Raiders top strong field for DCI gold medals” (August 11) — by Michael Carlson.
* “Empire Statesmen in tight DCA race at Rhode Island contest” (August 14) — by Bill Flaker.

Additional photography in the issue is of every division I (24 corps), division II (9 corps) and division III (20 corps) group that competed in Brockton and Foxboro, MA, as well as the following: San Francisco Renegades, San Francisco, CA; Kilties, Racine, WI; Govenaires, St. Peter, MN; Alliance, Atlanta, GA; the Crossmen’s “Bones”; Minnesota Brass, Inc., St. Paul, MN; Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni, Hawthorne, NJ; Bushwackers, Harrison, NJ; and the Hawthorne Caballeros, Hawthorne, NJ.

Inside are these articles and features:
* Photo feature — “Remembering a few old friends — photos of 20 senior corps from the past,
most taken during the 1960s; groups that are gone as well as historic photos of some
current seniors from an earlier era — photos by Moe Knox.
* ScoreBoard — full recap results of these DCI shows: Charlotte, NC (August 2); Kitchener,
ONT (August 2); Pittsburgh, PA (August 2); Salem, VA (August 3); Buffalo, NY (August 3);
West Chester, PA (August 4); Warrenton, VA (August 4); Rome, NY (August 4);
Sherbrooke, QUE (August 5); Bridgeport, CT (August 5); Allentown, PA (August 5-6); New
Brunswick, NJ (August 6); Mancheser, NH (August 6-7); Pittsfield, MA (August 7); East
Rutherford, NJ (August 7); Worcester, MA (August 7); Brockton, MA (August 9); Brockton,
MA (August 11); Foxboro, MA (August 11); Foxboro, MA (August 12); Brockton, MA (August
13); Foxboro, MA (August 13); and full recap results of these DCA shows: Kingston, NY
(August 6); East Providence, RI (August 14); Waterbury, CT (August 20); St. Cloud, FL
(August 20); and Syracuse, NY (August 20).
* Press releases on these topics: “World Drum Corps Hall of Fame awards five scholarships”;
“Watkins Glen Squires to host Schuyler County reunion”; “Pro-Mark adds Reynolds to staff
as product manager”; “Pride of Oakland will showcase city’s diversity”; “Blue Stars mourn
passing of Jim Schultz”.
* “The amazing world of drum corps” — Brian Tolzmann’s monthly column containing obscure
but interesting facts about junior and senior drum and bugle corps and the people who
marched and managed them.
* The first in a new series of articles called, “Whatever happened to . . .?” — this time
featuring Kilties Drum Major Scotty Paulsen who led the corps during their glory years in the
* Coverage of these DCI shows: Pittsburgh, PA (August 2) by Ed Cagney; DCI Semifinals
(August 12) by William Aldrich-Thorpe; DCI Quarterfinals (August 11) by Michael Boo; DCI
Division II/III prelims (August 9) by Michael Carlson; Troy, AL (July 26) by E. Cornevie
Govan; DCI Division II/III Grand Finals (August 13) by Ken Mason; DCI East Regional
(August 5-6) by Daniel Buteau; Massillon, OH (July 31) by Vic Colaianni; and this DCA
shows: Kingston, NY (August 6);
* In Memoriam: Robert “Posie” Pfaff from the Hanover Lancers, Hanover, PA.
* “This week in drum corps history”, a weekly column by Brian Tolzmann featuring scores from
competitions 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 years ago.
* A feature article on Kurt “Flash” Schiebel, spending the summer marching with the St. Peter,
MN, Govenaires, a corps his great grandfather marched in 1928 — by Paul Mordorski.
* An article about DCI upgrading plans for their “Season Pass” Web site project.
* Information from Scott Edwards about a planned 30th Anniversary banquet celebrating the
Madison Scouts’ 1975 DCI Championship title won in Philadelphia, PA.
* A feature on the new Alliance senior corps in Atlanta, GA — by Mike Ferlazzo.
* “Dynasty designs special horn for Dave Anderson of Minnesota Brass, Inc.” — by Paul
* A column by Adam Burdett looking back at his 15 years attending DCA Championships.

Plus advertising by the following companies and organizations that help support Drum Corps World and allow us to continue publishing the newspaper for the 34th continuous year: Yamaha Corporation of America — Buena Park, CA; Drum Corps International — Addison, IL; Dynasty Brass and Percussion — Lake Geneva, WI; FJM, Inc. — Dayton, OH; Vic Firth, Inc. — Dedham, MA; “Echos in the Valley”; Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights’ “Cavalcade of Music” — Toms River, NJ; Fleetwood Records — Lynn, MA; and — Alhambra, CA.