Drum Corps World seeks writers for 2006 season

Steve Vickers, DCW Publisher

Each year, I try to expand the size of the writing staff to ensure that a broad cross-section of the worldwide drum and bugle corps competition season is covered in the print version of Drum Corps World. Positive reviews of shows make up the majority of articles that appear in the 11 summer editions and the season wrap-up issues in September (August DCI and DCA Championships), and October and November (European championships).

While I do have staff members in many of the following areas, not all shows are currently being covered, so I could use additional writers in these geographic locations:

* Southern United States (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi)
* Western United States (Arizona, California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado)
* Midwestern United States (Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio)
* Eastern United States (New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey)
* Mid-Atlantic United States (Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina)
* Europe (United Kingdom, Holland, Germany)
* Far East (Japan, Indonesia)

If you are interested in having your review(s) published — even if it’s just one article — please send me an e-mail — publisher@drumcorpsworld.com — at your earliest convenience. I begin to complete assignments and send out notification to show sponsors in mid-May.