Post-DCI edition of Drum Corps World delayed

Steve Vickers, Publisher

In the 32 years I have owned this publication, there have only been a handful of editions that were not mailed on time. In the last 20 years, it has only happened once — the April 2005 issue went out three days late due to my being incapacitated for five weeks following a heart attack.

The 2006 post-DCI issue of Drum Corps World has been a difficult one for a variety of reasons. I have been working on the layout non-stop for the past seven days. On Monday, August 21, I made the decision to expand it from 24 to 28 pages in order to accomodate a significant amount of excellent articles and photography that my staff contributed. Today (August 23), I realized that I can’t get all of the timely material into 28 pages, so will be adding four more pages. This necessitates moving nearly every page around to accomodate the 16 pages available for color advertising.

The scheduled mailing date for the issue was supposed to be Thursday, August 24. I realized at the beginning of this week that one more day was going to be required to get everything done. With the decision to utilize the balance of the articles that have been submitted in an additional four pages, it now is not possible to schedule the issue on the press at Capital Newspapers, Inc. until Monday night, since they don’t work Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights.

As a result, the issue will be delivered to the printer on Monday morning, August 28. It will be printed after midnight Monday and put into the mail on Tuesday morning, August 29.

Anyone who knows me or the reputation of this publication, knows that I don’t miss deadlines. In this case, it just became impossible to achieve. I hope each of my loyal subscribers will understand the necessity of this decision.

The September issue, covering DCA shows from mid-August through Labor Day weekend, will be mailed on time, Thursday, September 14. and the October edition will be mailed on time, Thursday, September 28.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at 1-800-554-9630.