Drum Corps Europe Championships on the Web September 27

Drum Corps Europe will make a live webcast of the DCE Championships this Saturday, September 27, in Kerkrade, Holland, with audio and video streaming. Drum corps fans who can’t travel to Kerkrade will still be able to see what’s happening in the Parkstad Limburg Stadium.

In previous years, a webcam sent a picture to the server every 5 seconds. This year the webcast will be a live audio and video streaming event (high camera view). The audio and video will have limited quality (fans should not expect DVD quality), and this year is a test.

Drum Corps Europe would like to attract American drum corps fans who are interested in the European activity, and give them the opportunity to have a look at drum corps in Europe.

The webcast will start Saturday at 10.00 am (local time) and can be accessed through www.drumcorpseurope.org/webcast. The performance time is seven hours earlier than Central Time in the United States, so 10:00 AM in Kergrade is 5:00 PM in the Central time zone here.